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    My lovely friend Flora-Tea now has two lovely goldfish but needs a nice big tank for them to grow healthy and strong but needs your help saving up the money for it! 

    So I posted a journal a while back that my tablet pen was busted thus rendering my tablet useless, so I can't do digital art. I've done some doodles on paper, nothing too worthy of posting online, but other than that, I haven't been able to produce any artwork, which is sad because I really enjoy drawing and want to do some more drawings. Now, I've been wanting to upgrade my tablet for some time to something bigger and this gives me a good reason too (as the price for a pen replacement is half the price of the tablet itself, so why not just get a new one?), but I don't have the means to be doing that and neither does my parents. Commissions are not really possible and I've considered summer jobs, but not many places around here hire people my age and I don't really feel comfortable working at my age anyway. So any suggestions on how to raise some cash? 

Don't Expect Art Soon...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 2, 2017, 1:30 PM

    My tablet pen has gotten broken and is unusable at this current time and I'm not sure when my dad will be getting the new tablet he promised me...

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Opinions on Discord?

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2017, 10:00 AM

    I've used Skype a bit to speak to family mostly, and occasionally with friends, but lately I've been hearing that a lot of folks are moving over to Discord and they seem to like it, but I just wanna hear some opinions based off of personal experience with it before I try it out myself. So, if any of you guys have used it, what's your opinion? I'd like to know, because I'm considering trying it out...

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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2017, 7:05 AM

    Anybody got tips on getting out of an art funk? I have ideas as to what I wanna draw, but I'm not really physically motivated to draw, and it's been plaguing me for months....

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Core for Art?

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 16, 2017, 8:41 AM

    My core is gonna run out soon and I haven't been able to save up the points to renew it, so I've been thinking of doing this, since I've seen other artists do it. If anybody out there is willing to get me at least a one month core I'll willingly whip up some art for you, probably something similar to this:

                                                              Yes, It Is A Lion by SilkenGalaxy

    If you get more than one month's worth of core then I'll throw in a background too!

    If nobody gets me any core, it's alright, I'll just save up the points, probably with adopts or something...

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End of the Year

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 11:32 AM

    Ok, I know it's not the end of the year YET, but I just want to talk about my account and stuff and what I want to do with my art starting next year, and also kind of explain why I've been so quiet art wise. 

    First of all, why I've been inactive when it comes to art. This school year, like last school year, has been rocky for me since the whole big transition from public school to an online high school program. I've gotten a little bit more used to how the whole system works, but I find it's not the best learning environment for me. It's just so isolating and boring, the school work is difficult, and I just get stressed and lonely. But I have no choice but to continue in it, unfortunately. The stress drains me of my inspiration, my creativity, and my motivation to sit down and draw. And when I do sit down to draw, my computer gives me a ton of issues so I just get frustrated and quit. Most recently, the issue is that the USB ports on my computer are failing to work right and so oftentimes either my mouse or my tablet will not work and then I have to constantly unplug and plug them back in until they work again. So that's a problem. :/

    Now about my account. I have a lot of old, and rather sucky artwork, and I want to clean that stuff out so that my better works can shine in the spotlight. It'll take some time, but I'll work on it gradually so I don't tire myself out. So expect a lot of stuff to either be scrapped or go to storage.

    Lastly, what I wanna do with my art. I want to do a lot of things with my art, actually. First of all, I want to improve with anatomy a bit, especially facial anatomy, I feel I struggle with that more than body and leg anatomy. I also want to practice with different animal species as well as REALLY practice with humans. So expect more fanarts next year as I use that as human practice. I also want to do more full blown artworks to help me practice drawing backgrounds.

    Anyway, that's all for now! I hope to make more art next year! :D  

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I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story today and I must say, I loved it! I'm not going to spoil anything, though, so I'm just gonna scoot on out..
    For all my classes I have to take what's called a Segment Exam, which is basically a final exam to finish of the segment (aka semester) and I had taken my geometry one but I failed it pretty badly because I suck at geometry. And failing a segment exam sucks because it prevents me from getting my final grade and passing to the next segment. I, of course, was upset because I don't like failing because I don't just disappoint myself, but I disappoint my family, teacher, etc.

    But thankfully, the teacher gave me a second chance, got my test reset and I could have another attempt at the test. The downside is, you can only retake it ONCE. If you fail the retake, you're practically doomed. This was something that deeply concerned me since math isn't my strong suit and geometry has been a real pain for me. I turned to the one thing that has taught me so many things: youtube. Well, more like my mom turned to youtube. She didn't want to see me fail either, so she went on youtube and literally looked up geometry tutorials, more specifically proofs since I struggle with proofs the most. Well, after watching a CRAP TON of videos I retook the test today and even though my mind has been expanded with knowledge, I was still extremely worried that I would fail and I was getting ready to cry. I took my time, I thought over the questions, I looked over the more difficult ones time and time again. And then I prepared to submit the test. I had the mindset that I had tried my best, and if I failed, I at least know that I put a lot of effort into it. I had submitted my test, covered my eyes, and waited for the results to load. To my surprise and relief, I passed! I am so damn happy I passed because I really didn't want to fail I was getting ready to cry, although I still feel like crying, the urge to cry just kinda stayed there, idk why, but I'm just so happy and I don't even know why I'm sharing this with you guys, I'm just so happy. And I'm repeating myself now, so I'm just gonna wrap this up. 

    Moral of the story: youtube is the handiest thing in the world and it helps a lot with difficult school subjects. Thank god for youtube. 
    Hey guys! How you doin? Hope you're good. Anyways, I'm not sure if you guys know, but I have an older sister who also makes art, both traditional and digital, and she's been putting some stuff up on redbubble to make some cash, and I thought I'd help her out. So be sure to check out what she has to offer here, and maybe, just maybe buy something you might like? She draws mostly people, but I'm sure there's something you guys might like from her. That's all for now!

    I'm sorry I have posted art in forever! The problem is a have so many ideas, but no time or energy to really making those ideas come to life, I really want to try and get stuff done this week though! Once again folks, I'm sorry. 
UPDATE: WE GOT ALL 20 PEOPLE! WOO! Thank you guys, all of you, thanks to you I managed to get this project done this week, you are all the best!

    So I have a biology project that I should've gotten done LAST WEEK, but, as implied by the existence of this journal, I didn't. And why did I not get it done? Because the project requires that I survey 20 people for specific data, and while I have gotten data from 6 people, I haven't been able to get 14 more people to give me their data. That's where you guys come in. 

    Basically, what you have to do is comment here leaving this information:

    - Earlobes: Free/Attached (Are your ears free or attached?)
    - Hair on Knuckles: Hair present/No hair present (Do you have hair between your second and third knuckles on your fingers?)
   - Hair Line: Straight/Widow's Peak (Is your hair line straight or does it have a widow's peak?)
    - Hair Texture: Curly/Straight (Is your hair straight or curly? Note that wavy hair counts as curly in this project)
    - Chin Shape: Cleft/No cleft (Does your chin have a cleft or not?)

    And if you're wondering why I have to get this information it's because it's a study on heredity and basically I have to calculate which traits are dominant and which are recessive by collecting data samples from 20 people. 

    Thank you for the help!
    Thankfully Hurricane Matthew has passed me with little to no damage done (surprisingly we didn't lose power). But I hope my fellow Floridians/East Coast folks are safe. Hang tight! 
This amazing artist is going through extremely rough times, send her something nice to say, maybe even donate?

The World May Be Crashing by katanimate
    Gonna do a guys! This time I'll be drawing a character that I came up with a few years ago, but never actually drew, Darcy! :D
  I'm bored and working on a drawing, and I haven't done a in forever, so would you guys mind keeping me company?

     Gonna do another, this one will just consist of a bunch of doodles! Come on in guys! :D


    UPDATE: Had to close, it was lagging my PC really bad...…

Check it out, and maybe even enter! :D
    I'm so freakin' mad because I really wanna play FeralHeart again and see what there is to see in the new update for myself but I can't freaking log in and I've tried the things that the folks on the forum have told me to do and it still doesn't FREAKIN WORK.

    For those of you unaware of the problem, it's that everytime I try to log in to so that I can be able to connect to the server in-game, it just refreshes the page, even though I have my credentials correct, I don't use the numpad, my internet connection is strong, and it doesn't matter what browser I use either, the problem keeps persisting. And I properly activated my account when I first created it, so it shouldn't be a problem with my account. I even tried checking to see if the IPs matched, but the software for checking if the IP used to connect to the server was the same as my usual IP used to connect to the site wasn't really doing anything at all, so it's been a bust for me. I'm just so frustrated and upset because I really wanted to enjoy the game.

    Well, I'm gonna work on the 100th watcher prize in the meantime. Hopefully this issue with the game will be resolved.
What an achievement! Didn't think I'd get this far!

Congrats :iconcheetahhiccup:, and watch out! There's art comin' your way!